More and more pharmaceutical companies recognize the need for a safe transport of medicines in Europe. Those days are gone in which shippers were able to send products of pharmaceutical companies in any swap bodies with tarpaulin cover. Gone the days when a carrier was allowed to use any subcontractors for carrying drugs.


Securing Load

Security is the order of the day. Security defined as compliance awakens already sometimes the impression of common property. Not even close! Anyone who registers at what alarming rate in Europe the number of robberies increases on truckloads, will evaluate security as a criterion for transport in a new way. Even Germany and Central Europe became the new focus of organized crime. The marketing of illegally produced counterfeits is another risk area.

Those believing that security is only about working security at factory forget that the pharmaceutical company is fully responsible for supply chain and drug safety until handover to wholesale level or to a further-processing operation. Which company would like to have its name spread in such a context by media.


Secure Temperature Control

All-year security in the temperature regime seems to move skeptical logisticians more and more to new views as weather conditions differ between regions during transport more than expected during loading. In February on the Upper Rhine the temperatures allow enjoying outdoor cafes whereas frost and snow prevail in the Erzgebirge. Delays in transportation at weekends prevent a loadable statement about the surroundings temperatures even for ambient products. The QA experts of the pharmaceutical industry have recognised that temperature documentation for the whole transport time is the only method to make themselves not vulnerable. The recent problems with influenza vaccines will raise these questions again.

Safety & Cool – Schmechel Transport provides Double Security

By this the special performance of our professional forwarding company can be described as we understand the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

In the future you will have to pay attention to both factors: Responsible shippers consider this by Transport Made by Schmechel.